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EU-LCI Values

EU-LCI Values

The substances and their values are presented in 4 separate lists as follows.

A)   Agreed EU-LCI values (December 2020) – substances with their established EU-LCI values and summary fact sheets (PDF, 764 kB)


B) Substances with insufficient data (December 2020) - will not be progressed until further data are available (PDF, 53 kB)


C) EU-LCI Master list (December 2020) - all the substances identified requiring an EU-LCI value (PDF, 273 kB)


D) EU-LCI Working list (December 2020) - substances currently being progressed (PDF, 59 kB)

If you want to know more about the background of the values, how they're derived and applied. See our EU-LCI value facts and information document.

Notes to the tables

  • EU-LCI ‘derived’ value: The EU-LCI value of a compound derived de novo using the EU-LCI protocol. 
  • EU-LCI ‘ascribed’ value: The EU-LCI value given to a compound that has identical or very similar (differing by 20% or less) LCI values in the ANSES and AgBB lists