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Industrial policy

Industrial policy

The European Commission is investing in EU industry for a modern, clean and fair economy. We promote industrial competitiveness through many of our major initiatives and aim to empower citizens, revitalise regions and have the best technologies for the smart, innovative industry of the future.


EU Industry Days are the main EU platform for discussion and dialogue on the future of EU industry. Co-created with main industrial stakeholders they gather thousands of participants across Europe.

EU Industry Days 2021 will take place from 23 - 26 February. 

Industry is the engine of innovation, productivity growth and exports. It offers quality jobs to Europeans.

However, our industrial structure is undergoing deep transformation driven by digital and other new technologies, and new business models. So a modernisation effort is required to ensure that our industry stays competitive in global markets: we must embrace technological change; integrate products and services; develop technologies that use less energy, reduce waste and avoid pollution; and invest in a workforce with the right skills.

In March 2020, the Commission presented a new strategy to help Europe's industry lead the twin transitions towards climate neutrality and digital leadership. The strategy aims to drive Europe's competitiveness and its strategic autonomy at a time of moving geopolitical plates and increasing global competition.


A future for people

Revitalising our regions

  • Developing clusters - groups of enterprises and related supporting actors cooperating together in a particular location - to facilitate cooperation between businesses, investors, universities and research centres
  • Encouraging partnerships between local industries via thematic smart specialisation platforms
  • Supporting regional transformation via smart specialisation strategies and the European Structural and Investment Funds

Technology leading the way

Dialogue and expert advice

The new industrial strategy presented in March 2020 announced the creation of an 'Industrial Forum' as a new, inclusive and open mechanism for co-designing solutions with stakeholders. A call was launched in December 2020 for members. 

Industrial Forum and other expert advice

    Other initiatives

    The Commission promotes industrial competitiveness with all its major initiatives: the investment plan for Europe, the single market strategy, the digital single market strategy, the circular economy package, energy union, capital markets union, the new skills agenda for Europe, and the trade for all strategy.

    We also take sectorial action if needed: from cars to steel, and space to defence - see Industry in Europe: facts and figures.