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Multi-KETs Pilot Lines project

Multi-KETs Pilot Lines project

In this project, the European Commission is developing policy related concepts for multi-KETs (or cross-cutting KETs).

The Multi-KETs Pilot Lines project (mKPL) addresses the lack of clear concepts and policy relating to transforming cross-cutting KETs into practical applications in commercial manufacturing.

‘Cross-cutting KETs’ are where different KETs technologies are combined in a way that creates value beyond the sum of the individual technologies. This offers even greater possibilities for innovation.

The goal of the project is to create a wider understanding of multi-KETs pilot initiatives or ‘pilot lines’ and to lay the base for future policy actions.

Turning pilot lines into production

Turning science into practical applications involves several stages:

  • research is needed to turn a scientific process into a demonstration model;
  • this model can then be turned into an actual prototype that can be tested and demonstrated;
  • the prototype can then be manufactured in a commercial environment by up-scaling it to achieve the low cost, high volume manufacturing of products;
  • products can be introduced into the market, and the new system of production that has been created is tested and validated.

This project will specifically:

  • develop a shared vision for the efficient development of multi-KETs pilot lines;
  • develop an overview of how EU countries support (multi)-KETs pilot lines;
  • give an overview of EU-based pilot initiatives;
  • produce benchmark case studies on policy that supports pilot lines from EU and non-EU countries
  • produce case studies on significant pilot lines
  • create a long-term agenda for the successful implementation of policy at EU and national level (for 2014-2020).

At the core of the study are four multi-KETs pilot line projects where single industry owners or consortia are up-scaling their KETs.

The multi-KETs Pilot Lines project website (mKPL)