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To accelerate the modernisation of the EU industry, the uptake of product and service innovations, use of innovative manufacturing technologies and the introduction of new business models is necessary. The Commission develops policies that help speed up the broad commercialisation of innovation and engages in many activities that support innovation in the EU.

Social innovation

Social innovations are new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships, and form new collaborations. Learn more about social innovation.

Workplace innovation

Workplace innovation can be a change in business structure, HR management, relationships with clients and suppliers, or in the work environment itself. Learn more about workplace innovation.

European innovation scoreboard

This scoreboard is an annual comparative analysis of EU countries' innovation performance, benchmarked with other European international competitors. Learn more about the European innovation scoreboard.

Regional innovation scoreboard

This scoreboard assesses the innovation performance of European regions based on several indicators. The data helps regions, EU countries, and the EU as a whole, assess where to focus their efforts. Learn more about the Regional innovation scoreboard.

Business innovation observatory

The observatory provides evidence on the latest innovative trends in business and industry. It serves as a complement to the innovation scoreboards. Learn more about the Business innovation observatory.