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Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard

Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard

The objective of the Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard is to capture the quality of conditions in the regional ecosystem that can foster or hinder innovation and entrepreneurship. The emphasis of the Scoreboard is on the dynamics and on the conditions that characterise the quality and nature of the regional ecosystem but it is not about measuring performance.

The Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard is designed primarily for policy-makers responsible for regional, industrial and cluster policies as a tool to identify the bottlenecks of the wider regional eco-system that could be targeted through policies as they may hold back overall performance. It further gives regions an idea how their regional ecosystem is positioned compared to other regions and businesses an idea in which regional ecosystem to locate best their operations.

The Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard comprises six key dimensions that consist of 60 indicators and composite indicators have been calculated for each of the six dimensions and seventeen sub-dimensions. The Scoreboard covers NUTS2 regions in all EU Member States, except for Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom where it covers NUTS 1 regions.

Please start the tool by selecting a country and region of your interest and identifying any peer regions or selecting the suggested default peer regions options to which results will be compared to. The results are then presented in three parts/tabs: overall results, detailed results and the scorecard and policy dashboard indicating areas in which policy actions could focus upon.

A short summary report on the main results can be found here and if you want to know more about the methodology of the Scoreboard, please consult the methodological guide.