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European Cluster Trend Report

European Cluster Trend Report

The European Cluster Trends report will identify and analyse where and how clusters of related industries are transforming themselves and where new specialisation patterns give rise to the emergence or renewal of industries.

The report focuses on three specific aspects, namely 1) internationalisation of clusters 2) cross-sectoral transformations and 3) foresight analysis. It shall support policy-makers, cluster practitioners and companies to spot transformation trends at an early stage and facilitate further policy efforts in this regard. The analysis will contribute to improving the implementation of regional smart specialisation strategies and will, moreover, help European regions to identify potential collaboration areas where industrial trends do not only cut across sectors, but also cross borders.

The key questions of the European Cluster Trends report are the following:

  • What are the global mega trends in industrial transformation?
  • What are the opportunities for cluster organisations to collaborate globally, and in which areas can SME internationalisation be fostered through cluster policy?
  • What are the dynamics of industrial reconfigurations that can lead to the emergence of new industries and new patterns of geographical clustering?
  • How will the identified industrial transformation trends across industries and across borders (globally) affect future industrial structures and the emergence of new industries by 2020? What policy implications do the identified trends have?

The analysis focuses on the European Union’s Member States and regions. Nevertheless, it also takes into account global trends in terms of industrial dynamics, cross-sectoral trends and cluster development. The objective is to make available fact-based analysis that facilitates modern cluster policy making in support of emerging industries by identifying promising areas of related industries with strong cross-sectoral linkages where new winners may emerge.

The European Cluster Observatory further offers trend analysis of industrial change and regional analysis of cluster-specific framework conditions. It aims to facilitate the self-assessment of cluster policies, to support mutual policy leaning and to showcase modern cluster policy in support of emerging industries.

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