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Cluster services

Cluster services

The report on cluster collaboration and business support tools to facilitate entrepreneurship, cross-sectoral collaboration and growth is mainly addressed to cluster managers interested in providing tailor-made and demand-oriented support services to cluster participants, notably SMEs.

Industrial transformation and the development of emerging industries are key challenges for these enterprises. The nature of innovations and how they are emerging is continuously changing. Cluster organisations can play a decisive role for the development of new industrial value chains. The report pays particular attention to clusters operating in emerging industries where traditional cluster services alone may not be sufficient anymore. New, innovative cluster services are needed to support SMEs operating in emerging industries. Time has changed and cluster organisations have to cope with new innovation challenges. Today, cluster services can be a key to succeed.

The report provides many examples of cluster services that can be used or adapted by interested cluster organisations. Of course, these services cannot just be copied as are, and the report shall not be understood as a recipe book. However, the process, starting with a strategy definition and ending with specific business services provided by cluster organisations, is always quite similar and can be replicated by cluster organisations.

The report is also relevant for policy-makers and local stakeholders interested in seeing 'their' clusters playing a stronger role in promoting regional structural change and industrial modernisation. By gaining a better understanding of what kind of services and addedvalue cluster organisations can provide to their clients, policy-makers can encourage cluster organisations to become more active and innovative when it comes to implementing new business services, and to contributing to suitable framework conditions.