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Innovation Policies

Innovation Policies

To accelerate the modernisation of the EU industry, the uptake of product and service innovations, use of innovative manufacturing technologies and introduction of new business models is necessary. The Commission develops policies that help speed up the broad commercialisation of innovation and engages in many activities that support innovation in the EU mainly through the Horizon 2020 programme.

Innovation policies

Social innovation

Social innovations are new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships, and form new collaborations. Learn more about social innovation.

Design for innovation

Design creates value and contributes to competitiveness, prosperity, and well-being in the EU. The Commission aims to accelerate the take-up of design in innovation activities. Learn more about design for innovation.

Demand-side innovation policies

Demand-side innovation policies support and increase the uptake of innovations in society. Learn more about demand-side innovation policies.

Public sector innovation

The public sector plays a key economic role as a regulator, service provider, and employer. Jobs provided by public sector account for more than 25% of total employment. Learn more about public sector innovation.

Workplace innovation

Workplace innovation can be a change in business structure, HR management, relationships with clients and suppliers, or in the work environment itself. Learn more about workplace innovation.

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