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Workplace innovation

Workplace innovation

Workplace innovation can mean many things such as a change in business structure, Human Resources management, relationships with clients and suppliers, or in the work environment itself. It improves motivation and working conditions for employees, which leads to increased labour productivity, innovation capability, market resilience, and overall business competitiveness. All enterprises, no matter their size, can benefit from workplace innovation.

Workplace innovation

  • improves performance and working lives, and encourages the creativity of employees through positive organisational changes
  • combines leadership with hands-on, practical knowledge of frontline employees
  • engages all stakeholders in the process of change
  • what does this mean in practice and how can you implement it in your organisation? take a look at Your guide to workplace Innovation

You can find possible methods and indicators for measuring this type of innovation in the report "Workplace Innovation - Concepts and Indicators (953 kB)".

Main objectives of the initiative

  • fostering the uptake of workplace innovation across European businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • raising policy maker awareness, at all levels, of the benefits of these innovations.

What the Commission does

  • prioritises workplace innovation, for example with the reinforced 2012 EU Industrial Policy Communication
  • launched the European Workplace Innovation Network – EUWIN in 2013 to support this priority.

European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)

The European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN, 1 MB) is a Europe-wide learning network launched to improve the performance of organisations and the quality of jobs in a sustainable way.

The network:

  • distributes evidence on the benefits of modernising the workplace and working conditions
  • focuses on awareness-raising via dedicated regional workshops and social media
  • provides a valuable resource for managers and employee representatives through the Knowledge Bank
  • is open to practitioners, social partners, policymakers, representatives of intermediary organisations, and others with an interest in the workplace.

Learn more about EUWIN

EUWIN Workshops

EUWIN workshops present real business cases and provide practical tools to implement workplace innovation in different types of organisations. They are organised for business practitioners, trade union representatives, policy makers, and other interested stakeholders.

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