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Demand-side policies for innovation

Demand-side policies for innovation

Demand-side innovation policies support and increase the uptake of innovations in society. They can involve legislation increasing consumer confidence in innovative products, safety regulations, standards, or public procurement. These demand-side tools complement supply-side policy tools such as public funding schemes. Creating effective links between demand-side and supply-side tools can improve the efficiency of the innovative system.

The Demand-side Action Plan

To boost the demand for innovations, the European Commission launched an Action Plan in 2012. The Action Plan was announced in the Communication, 'A Stronger European Industry for Growth and Economic Recovery' and consists of three phases:

  1. Phase 1 – developing an assessment methodology to identify markets, toolboxes, and demand-driven models (until early 2013)
  2. Phase 2 - developing strategic roadmaps for demand-side actions (beginning at the end of 2013)
  3. Phase 3 - the actions set out in the strategic roadmaps of phase 2 will be implemented. In parallel, a new monitoring system will be explored to measure the impact of demand-side policies and the implementation of the strategic roadmaps (end of 2014-2015 and beyond).

Commission objectives and actions are:

Projects to develop the strategic roadmap

In 2014, six projects for developing the strategic roadmap to foster the uptake of innovations began:

  • BUILD-THE-FUTURE (209 kB) - a roadmap to accelerate the market development and market uptake of innovative technologies in the field of Plus-Energy-Buildings.
  • ENERGY-4-HEALTH (32 kB) - a roadmap to improve the framework conditions that influence demand for the market uptake of innovative energy solutions in the healthcare sector.
  • EV-CONNECT (148 kB) - a roadmap to shift from the current random and isolated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles to interconnected charging networks based on market demand.
  • MAPDRIVER (191 kB) - a roadmap to facilitate the uptake of ICT innovations in European transport with regard to freight and passenger transport.
  • RESIDE (500 kB) - a roadmap focusing on three European regions to assess the market and to propose an implementation plan for regionally effective demand-side policy measures.
  • SUNROAD (164 kB) - a roadmap to promote the European and global market uptake of European photovoltaic innovations.

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