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Monitoring innovation

Monitoring innovation

The European Commission provides various tools that map, monitor and assess the EU’s performance in different innovation areas. The information provided helps policy makers and practitioners at EU, national and regional levels to benchmark their performance and policies and to learn about new trends and emerging business opportunities that can inform evidence-based policy making.

The Commission's tools are:

European Innovation Scoreboard

The European Innovation Scoreboard provides a comparative assessment of research and innovation performance in Europe. It assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of national research and innovation systems, and helps countries and regions identify the areas they need to address. Learn more about the European Innovation Scoreboard.

Regional Innovation Scoreboard

The Regional Innovation Scoreboardis a regional extension of the European Innovation Scoreboard, assessing the innovation performance of European regions on a limited number of indicators. Learn more about the Regional Innovation Scoreboard.

European Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard

In 2013, the European Commission launched a pilot European Public Sector Innovation Scoreboard (EPSIS) to improve the ability to benchmark the innovation performance of the public sector in Europe. The key results show that the public sector in Europe innovates but it still faces a number of obstacles. More on public sector innovation.


The Innobarometer is a survey on activities and attitudes related to innovation. It gathers opinions and feedback from the general public and European businesses. Conducted every year, it provides a unique source of direct information on innovation for policy makers. Learn more about the Innobarometer.

Regional Innovation Monitor Plus

The Regional Innovation Monitor Plus (RIM Plus) provides regional administrators, researchers, and other stakeholders with information about the main innovation policy measures and trends in all EU regions. Learn more about the Regional Innovation Monitor Plus.

Business Innovation Observatory

The Business Innovation Observatory provides data on the latest innovative trends in business and industry, including how innovative solutions are developed and brought to market, as well as their impact on the economy. Learn more about the Business Innovation Observatory.

Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor

The Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor is designed to monitor in a systematic way emerging digital trends and their potential impact on businesses with the objective to develop the understanding of new digital technologies, assess the uptake of digital Europe, support the rollout of digital policies and build a sustainable future for digital Europe. Learn more about the Digital Entrepreneurship Monitor

European Cluster Observatory

The European Cluster Observatory provides statistical information, analysis and mapping of clusters and cluster policy in Europe that is aimed at policymakers at all levels, as well as cluster managers and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) intermediaries. Learn more about the European Cluster Observatory.

KETs Observatory

The KETs Observatory aims to provide EU and national policy makers, and business stakeholders with quantitative and qualitative information on the industrial deployment of Key Enabling Technologies both within the EU and in comparison to other world regions (East Asia and North America). Learn more about the KETs Observatory.

KETs Technology Infrastructure Mapping

The KETs Technology Infrastructures Mapping allows SMEs and other stakeholders to identify technological service centres active in the field of KETs. These centres can help SMEs to speed up the commercialization of their innovation ideas by providing services such as help with prototyping, testing, upscaling, first production and product validation. Learn more about the KETs Technology Infrastructure Mapping.

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