Business Innovation Observatory

Business Innovation Observatory



The Business Innovation Observatory shows the latest innovative trends in business and industry. This includes how the industry develops solutions, brings them to market and their impact on the economy.

The Observatory is set up for an initial period of 3 years, divided by semester. We dedicate each semester to a limited number of innovation trends and investigate them through:

  • some 10 case studies, covering the success stories of several innovative companies
  • trend report, drawing on the case studies and outcome of the workshop/conference. The report provides policy recommendations to support the analysed business innovation trends.
  • workshop/conference. It’s an interactive forum for the business community, policy makers, industry experts and academia. We engage them in a discussion on the gathered evidence.


The objectives of the Business Innovation Observatory are to:

  • identify the latest innovation trends emerging in the European institutional, political, legal, and socio-economic context. Examples are the Internet of Things and clean technologies
  • identify the dynamics of good business practices of innovative companies, with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • understand the barriers to innovation and propose policy tools to overcome them
  • nurture 'win-win' relationships between entrepreneurs, policy makers, innovation facilitators and researchers
  • enhance awareness of the latest business innovation trends, success stories, and related business opportunities and barriers, through case studies, trend reports and workshops/conferences
  • distribute the project's findings via the website and social media