Case Studies

Case studies

The case studies give insights into the latest business innovation trends that have high socio-economic potential and success stories of innovative companies.

The investigated latest trends are:

Sustainable supply of raw materials
The EU depends on the import of many raw materials. There is strong potential for mining and quarrying but the available land area will decrease. To support the growth of the common market, the supply of raw materials should continue in a sustainable way. One trend is upcoming SMEs developing intelligent means to mine/harvest and process raw materials.

Space tech and services
The development of space technologies and their domino effect on other essential technologies is well-documented. This has driven most of the public investment into space programmes. Many nations and organisations want more activities in space. The main aim of the European Space Policy is to use space-related technology to tackle some of today's most pressing challenges. They include fighting climate change, stimulating technological innovation, and providing socio-economic benefits to citizens. A growing demand for better satellite coverage and satellite technologies have attracted more investment from the private sector.

Under the traditional product-based model, capital equipment becomes the property of the customer. It's the customer's responsibility and right to use, maintain, repair and modify it. During the last decades "servitisation" has been gaining popularity. Under this model, the producer adds services to a product or even sells the product's functions instead of selling the product itself. This allows manufacturers to increase financial margins, secure more stable incomes and intensify customer contact. Even in high-competitiveness markets and during economic downturn. This has led to a transformation from product centricity towards customer centricity. The sale of maintenance contracts for capital goods or the pay-per-use revenue model are examples of servitisation.

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