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EU country funds

EU country funds

This part of the Hydrogen Public Funding Compass provides information on EU country programmes and funds that can help stakeholders finance their renewable or low-carbon hydrogen activities.

The information in this part of the funding compass is supplied by EU country authorities and made available by the services of the European Commission. Many EU country programmes and funds are evolving. The information in this funding compass will be updated as new information is received from EU countries.

How does it work in practice?

Step 1: Select an EU country

Click on the EU country whose funding programmes and funds interest you.

Step 2: Consult information on EU country programmes and funds

For each relevant EU country funding programme or fund, access information on

  • the entities eligible for funding
  • the type of funding
  • the type of hydrogen activities eligible for funding
  • the implementing entity
  • the budget available and the expected date of project calls

The information is presented in a separate document per each EU country with separate sections (tabs) for each funding programme or fund. A separate tab reports national targets for hydrogen specified in national strategic documents (e.g. national energy and climate plans, hydrogen strategies, or recovery and resilience plans) when available. The degree of completeness of the information varies depending on the information provided by EU country authorities.

Step 3: Find open calls and partners

Go to the webpage of individual programmes and funds to find more detailed information, contact details of the relevant implementing entity, open calls and partners (when available).