'Low-value contracts' procedures

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'Low-value contracts' procedures

Ex-ante publicity of middle and low-value contracts

Simplified rules apply to calls for tenders valued between €15,000 and €135,000. In such cases, the European Commission can invite a restricted number of candidates to tender.

To make this process more transparent, the Commission must publish its plans for future middle and low-value contracts. On this page, you will find information on the envisaged negotiated procedures for middle and low-value contracts from the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG).

If you are interested in providing the goods or services required, contact the email address provided below at least 3 days before the indicative launch date.

This schedule is indicative only.

Indicative list for negotiated procedures for middle and low-value contracts that may be/have already been launched

Expected resultSelection criteriaIndi­cative launch dateContactStatus
PP-687 Technical Secretariat for the Notified Bodies Group under the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC

Ensuring the coordination and cooperation of the Notified Bodies under the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, including by

  • Keeping abreast of the progress of EU legislation and standardisation, as well as guidance documents related to the safety of toys, and informing the Notified Bodies Group timely about it;
  • Preparing, holding and following up meetings of the Notified Bodies Group at approximately regular time intervals, allowing them to exchange relevant information and views on their work regarding conformity assessment of toys, including on issues relating to negative and positive conformity assessment results;
  • Preparing, holding and following up workshops for the Notified Bodies Group, as appropriate, to exchange practical experiences and tips on the conformity assessment of toys;
  • Ensuring the further development of Protocols and Recommendations of the Notified Bodies Group, whether existing or new.
Ensuring the provision of technical advice, at the request of the Commission services on subjects related to the application of the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.
  • Sufficient economic and financial capacity to guarantee continuous and satisfactory performance throughout the envisaged lifetime of the contract;
  • Proven involvement of at least two years in EU activities on toy safety, in particular with Directive 2009/48/EC
  • Demonstrated experience of at least two years with standardisation policy, in particular with standardisation under Directive 2009/48/EC;
  • Demonstrated knowledge on the concept of the New Approach Legislation, particularly regarding conformity assessment, standards and the role of the notified bodies;
  • Evidence of computer literacy: use of text and spreadsheet applications, communication by e-mail, database use;
  • Experience of at least 2 years in preparing and conducting the secretarial work for the technical part of meetings, ability to draft meeting agendas, working documents and minutes, and to provide overviews;
  • Demonstrated ability to draft reports and provide summaries in English.
15 May 2018GROW-DIR-D-FINANCIAL-TEAM@ec.europa.eu 
685/PP/GRO/SME/ 18/C/063 – First EU-China Virtual Travel Fair on cultural tourism This contract will allow the European Commission to organise an online fair in the area of tourism offering 30 booths to key EU-China non-commercial actors. Synergies with UNESCO and the Council of Europe programme certifying cultural itineraries need be taken into account as booths will be made available for cultural itineraries to present themselves. 
  • Proven experience in providing a virtual reality (VR) platform, building a digital 3D VR business environment, and creating avatar based customised profiles through a web-based technology. The VR platform needs to be accessible via an internet browser without any specific hardware or software and chat and talk functions need to be integrated.
  • Experience with the Chinese online market as the platform needs to be accessible throughout Europe and China without restrictions.
  • Experience in virtual fairs in the area of tourism and/or a track record in trading with China is a plus.
  • Experience in promoting (virtual) events or trade fairs through different communication channels.

15 April 2018


PP-680 Study on illegal sales of pyrotechnic articles destined for professional users (category F4) to the general publicThe study will give the European Commission better knowledge of illegal sales in the internal market of articles categorised as F4 by the Directive 2013/29/ EU related to pyrotechnic articles. The results of the study will provide important information for the Commission to evaluate the effectiveness of the Directive. Specifically, in terms of creating confidence in the single market for pyrotechnic articles while addressing the safety and security concerns arising from certain products.

Sufficient economic and financial capacity to guarantee continuous and satisfactory performance throughout the contract.

The team must demonstrate at least 3 years knowledge and experience related to the EU legal framework for placing pyrotechnic articles on the market.

The team proposed must demonstrate a minimum of 3-years' experience in the analysis of markets. Specifically in the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, analysis of data, and the presentation of conclusions based on that analysis.

5 April 2018GROW-DIR-D-FINANCIAL-TEAM@ec.europa.eu 
683 PP - Technical support on emerging issues on emissions and fuel consumption of LDV (development of the UNECE WLTP)Finalisation of the most relevant open issues and test procedures within the UNECE WLTP project and drafting of the technical elements of the standards.Financial, economic, technical and professional capacity responding to the need of the contract. Technical competence demonstrated by knowledge of legislation in the light vehicle emission sector, both at European and at UNECE levels.end April 2018GROW-C-FINANCIAL-TEAM@ec.europa.eu 
Technical support relating to Directive 95/16/EC on liftsReport of kick-off meeting, draft final report, and final report on essential health and safety requirement 2.2 of Annex I of Directive 95/16/ECFinancial, economic, technical and professional capacity responding to the need of the contract. Technical competence demonstrated by knowledge of legislation, product designs, certification procedures and standards in the machinery and lifts sectors.7 December 2017 Closed

Background Report on Costs and cost structure of defence research and development programmes

A 60 pages report on levels and structure of costs and risks during the different stages of defence research and development programmes and related funding needs in view of fostering cross-border cooperation.

(indicative): Financial, economic, technical and professional capacity adapted to the need of the contract; relevant experience in defence economics / industrial aspects of Defence; and quality and price of offer.

24 November 2017


Background Report on SMEs in defence research and development

A 25 pages Report on role and contribution of SMEs to research and development programmes, the specific problems they face, possibly in relation to cross-border issues, and how these can be addressed.

(indicative): Financial, economic, technical and professional capacity responding to the need of the contract. Relevant experience on defence economics (SMEs and cross-border issues); quality and price of offer.

24 November 2017

660/PP/GRO/SME/ 17/F/119 - Analytical support to the work of the Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs)

This contract will provide the European Commission with analytical support, including macro-economic analysis, to define and identify the "value chains of strategic importance to Europe". This contract will provide the European Commission with technical support to analyse the stakeholders' contributions received during the stakeholder consultation. This contract will also provide analytical support to prioritise "key value chains" which require joint efforts and investments by public authorities and industries from several Member States. It will entail attendance to specific events and meetings, including the Industry Day 2018 and the first meeting of the Strategic Forum on IPCEIs.

  • A minimum of 10 years' experience in macro-economic analysis of value chains (international and regional), including specific issues like international integration, inter-linkages and trade
  • A minimum of 5 years' experience in the analysis of advanced technologies (e.g. advanced digital and key enabling technologies), including their industrial implications and the European academic and technology base
  • A minimum of 10 years' experience in the analysis of industrial value chains in Europe, including specific issues like their positioning within global value chains and corresponding comparative advantages, the investment needs and obstacles, and/or the links with regional smart specialisation strategies.
  • Excellent drafting skills in English as well as proven presenting and debating skills in English-speaking meetings

28 November 2017

654/PP/GRO/IMA /17/1132/9863 - provision of data in the area of retail

The expected result is continuous data delivery during a period of 1 year, covering all EU countries and the entire retail sector, with hard market data and reports on specific topics such as:

  • economic performance
  • market structure
  • market functioning


There should be special emphasis on the sector's regulatory framework and the distinction between online and offline sales should be taken into account.

Interested economic operators should have:
  • sufficient economic and financial capacity to guarantee the provision of required data
  • the necessary technical and professional capacity to provide the service – this should be demonstrated with a proven level and track record of knowledge and expertise in terms of data provision in the last 3 years

20 November 2017

The deadline for submitting your interest in 16 November 2017.

Technical support for radio regulatory matters concerning the EU space pro­grammesThis contract will provide the European Commission with specialist technical and regulatory support for radio regulatory matters concerning European Union space programmes (EUSP) managed by the European Commission. It will entail attendance at specified meetings conducted by the Conference for European Postal and Tele­communications Administrations (CEPT) and the UN's International Tele­communication Union (ITU), to report on matters that could affect the EUSP, as well as representing its interests.
  • a minimum of five years' experience of working with the Radio Regulations especially for satellite navigation and Earth-exploration and the working methods in the ITU and CEPT
  • experience of dealing with the World Radio­communication Conference (WRC) process and active participation in at least three WRCs since 1999
  • excellent representation and debating skills at national and international meetings in English-speaking fora, as well as very good written communication skills in English
  • a very strong network of contacts within European National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and industry, as well as NRA's and industry outside Europe
10 August 2017GROW GP2
Public pro­curement - Execution of a test regarding the practical application and imple­mentation of the European e-Invoicing standard for an end usere-Invoicing standard testing-Feb­ruary 2017-closed
607/PP - Survey on users' need for information on con­struction productsSurvey on construction product users' need for information on use of those products and their future performance in buildings.Polling/market analysis professionals with appropriate tools (like online survey software, etc.) and EU language competences.Second half of May-closed
Feasibility study on the economic and societal impact of stan­dardisation as formulated under Action 1 of the Joint Initiative on Stan­dardisationExpected result:
The basic objectives of the study on the economic and societal impacts of stan­dardisation are clear and should create:
  • more detailed knowledge at EU and EFTA member state level of stan­dardisation's contribution to economic growth through its effect on productivity, com­petiveness and innovation, as well as societal welfare
  • a better insight into the impact of standards and stan­dardisation on businesses and their supply chains
  • help to the public sector to better understand the impact of using standards in public policy
  • a clearer understanding of the impact of standards and stan­dardisation that could allow for a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency of the ESS
 20 June 2017-closed
Pro­curement of services in support to the rotating presidency of the Committee on Earth Obser­vation Satellites (CEOS)Support the CEOS Chair Secretariat. The CEOS Chair develops the Secretariat meeting agenda, provides it to participants for comment, and distributes meeting minutes. It is also responsible for inviting representatives from additional CEOS Agencies or other organisations to participate in Secretariat meetings.Selection criteria30 June 2017-closed

Personal data

Any personal data collected will be made available to the relevant services within the DG. It will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on data protection.

You will have the right to access and update any personal data you provide.

If you have any questions concerning the processing of your personal data, send them to GROW-FINANCIAL-UNIT-PROCUREMENT-GRANT-MANAGEMENT@ec.europa.eu

If you believe your personal data was processed against the rules, you can appeal to the European Data Protection Supervisor.

Ex-post publicity of middle and low-value contracts

Contracts between €15,000 and €135,000 awarded in one financial year are published via the Financial Transparency System before 30 June of the following year.