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Workshop on regulatory options for skin sensitisers

Workshop on regulatory options for skin sensitisers
Published on: 19/01/2018
Contact allergy has long been recognised as a frequent and potentially disabling problem. The European Commission organised a workshop to discuss regulatory options for skin sensitisers.
Event date: 05/12/2017
Location: Centre A. Borschette, Rue Froissart, 36 - Brussels - Belgium

Further to the discussions on the possible identification of sensitisers as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) according to Article 57(f) of REACH, it was agreed to explore regulatory options to better protect workers and consumers from skin sensitisers.

The objective of the workshop were to

  • gather observations and experiences from various EU legislation on skin sensitisers
  • discuss with scientists and stakeholders whether there is a need for further regulatory action under REACH or under other EU legislation

The conclusions of the workshop will be discussed at the next Risk Management Expert Meeting (RiME) on 13-14 February 2018 in Uppsala (Sweden).



  1. State of play
  2. The hazard of skin sensitisers and tests
  3. Non-animal methods for skin sensitisation hazard assessment
  4. Prevalence, frequent and potent skin sensitisers
  5. Skin sensitisation in workers
  6. Skin sensitisation in consumers
  7. Socio-economic costs of skin sensitisation
  8. Quantitative risk assessment for skin sensitisers
  9. Risk assessment and risk management by the industry
  10. How to decide on the need for regulation
  11. Conclusions