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Survey on the first year of the European Professional Card

Survey on the first year of the European Professional Card
Published on: 17/03/2017
From March 2017 the Commission ran a public survey to gather views on the first year of operation of the European Professional Card (EPC) and the accompanying 'Alert Mechanism'.


The EPC, an electronic procedure rather than a 'physical' card, has been available from 18 January 2016 for general care nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, real estate agents and mountain guides. It is the first EU-wide, fully digital procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications

To ensure that EU patients and consumers are adequately protected, an Alert Mechanism was also introduced to quickly warn the national authorities in case of irregularities concerning professionals who work in the health and education of minors. 

After more than one year of operation the Commission wished to gather views on the first experiences of both initiatives.

A public survey opened in English, French and German.

From 22 March the survey was available in all official EU languages.

The survey closed on 3 May 2017 (6 weeks after its publication in all EU languages).

Professional organisations representing any of the 5 EPC professions and public authorities involved in the national implementation of the 2 initiatives were invited to participate in, and promote the survey.

Survey results

The survey received 181 responses from public authorities and professional organisations. The results were analysed and included in the staff working document, 'Assessment of stakeholders' experience with the European Professional Card and the Alert Mechanism procedures' (PDF, 1006 KB) of April 2018. These results will contribute to the further improvement of the functioning of the EPC and the Alert Mechanism to continuously address users' needs.

Anonymous responses to the survey (xls, 170 KB)
Non-anonymous responses to the survey (xls, 289 KB)

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