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Survey on digital automation in professional services

Survey on digital automation in professional services
Published on: 30/07/2020
The European Commission is undertaking a study on trends and factors of digital automation in professional services. We are looking for professional services' providers in the areas of engineering, architectural, legal and accounting services, from selected EU countries, to respond to a survey that is an important part of the study.

The twelve selected EU countries are Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden. 

Through the survey, we seek to consult relevant stakeholders on the supply side (e.g. the self-employed, companies, online providers, etc.) and the demand side (i.e. business consumers) via interviews and online questionnaires.

The results of the study will help to develop a solid knowledge base to underpin the European Commissions’ policy of supporting and enhancing competitiveness of the four selected professional services sectors within the EU.

Objectives of the study

The objectives are to

  • assess the current state of play of the digital automation process in professional services
  • identify the most relevant and innovative digital automation trends
  • analyze the potential for further automation in professional services in the near future
  • investigate the main factors influencing digital automation, including the regulatory environment and the Covid-19 health emergency
  • analyze the wider economic impacts of digital automation

Moreover, the study will provide a strategic outlook and an assessment of the challenges and opportunities ahead for European professional services.

Who can participate

The survey is open to all professional services’ providers located in the 12 EU countries chosen for the study.

In particular

  • all types of architects
  • all civil and structural engineers
  • all types of lawyers
  • all accountants (excluding audit services)

We welcome the forwarding and distribution of the links to the questionnaires through your digital channels to help increase the number of respondents and strengthen the conclusions of the study.

Survey period

From 30 July 2020 to 6 September 2020. 

How to submit your contribution

There are five online surveys on trends and factors of digital automation in professional services in six different languages. They target different types of stakeholders: four on the supply side and one on the demand side.


Architectural services EN FR DE ES IT PT
Engineering services EN FR DE ES IT PT
Legal services EN FR DE ES IT PT
Accounting services EN FR DE ES IT PT
Business consumers EN FR DE ES IT PT

Please select the survey that fits your company’s activity. 

If you have any queries regarding the questionnaire, please contact

Data protection and privacy

Full anonymity to interviewed businesses will be guaranteed and any specific details gathered on companies, professionals or respondents will be used only in an aggregated way.

All questionnaires will be processed under strict respect of the EU data protection rules. For more details, please consult the specific privacy statement