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Supporting public procurement of innovative solutions

Supporting public procurement of innovative solutions
Published on: 15/03/2013 Last update: 24/04/2013
Deadline: 28/05/2013
The European Commission calls on public procurement bodies to submit high-quality proposals for collaborative, cross-border projects, on the format of "buyers' groups" of innovative solutions – PPI PILOTS -, that improve the economic framework conditions for innovation and thereby contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In more concrete terms, the European Commission calls for project proposals that clearly demonstrate how public procurement bodies will act, during the project, as launch customers for innovative goods or services which are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis.

Purchasing such products entails a higher risk than purchasing products that are already commercially widely available. It is exactly for this reason that the European Commission is ready to provide EU co-financing. In doing so, the European Union shares the risk with the public procurement bodies and helps to reduce it to a manageable level.

The applicants will have to demonstrate that the envisaged procurement(s) will be new to the procurer, that the solutions are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis and that the solution(s) will be relevant to procurers in other EU Member States.

Project proposals may address all markets in which public procurement bodies operate. Against the backdrop of the European Commission's priorities on industrial innovation, however, its evaluation committee will give a higher quality ranking to incoming proposals on the following three areas:

1.  Clean vehicles and vessels and related mobility devices excluding information and communication technology (ICT) solutions;

2.  Sustainable construction;

3.  More efficient use of raw materials, including recycling.

All the relevant documents for participating in the call (65/G/ENT/CIP/13/N02C021) together with necessary instructions for proceeding with the electronic submission of proposals can be found at the following link:

Only electronic submissions are allowed for this call.

Please note that additional information could be posted on the webpage indicated above during the publication stage of this call for proposals - we encourage you to visit the page regularly.