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Supporting large scale industrial development of green hydrogen projects through an IPCEI

Supporting large scale industrial development of green hydrogen projects through an IPCEI
Published on: 12/12/2019
The European Commission is organising events to help kick-start the EU industry to achieve the EU climate goals trough green hydrogen from renewable electricity sources. In this context, several industrial companies are showing and stating that they want to work toward producing and using green hydrogen.
Event date: 15/01/2020
Location: Breydel building, Auditorium (Ave. d’Auderghem 45, 1000 Brussels)

The objective is to launch large-scale industrial projects, possibly in the form of an IPCEI (important project of common European interest) on hydrogen. Preparations for the first sub-projects have begun but more projects are expected. The aims are maximum impact and broad spillover for each of the projects.

This conference on 15 January follows up on the momentum of the big conference that took place on 9 October 2019 and will inform additional businesses.


This conference aims to

  • inform participants about the concept of Important Projects of Common European Interest, including process, opportunities and limitations, as well as other sources of financing for large-scale industrial development.
  • present a number of major large-scale Hydrogen projects on the table as examples
  • to facilitate extensive match-making between participants in order to find the required industrial partners for the implementation of existing and new projects

Target audience

Representatives at technical and commercial level from industrial companies in the Hydrogen value chain who are interested to submit a request for state aid to support the roll-out of Hydrogen technology.


Hydrogen is an environment and climate-friendly (zero-emission) energy carrier. Produced from renewable energy sources (RES), e.g. sun and wind energy, it has the potential to replace fossil-based energy.

Hydrogen technology has huge decarbonisation potential for the industry, transport and energy sectors. It allows completely emission-free production, storage and utilisation of energy. This technology has tremendous value in achieving the global environment and climate objectives. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published a report naming hydrogen a large-scale decarbonisation enabler. It claims that we should tap into this technology now, describing 2019 as a year of 'unprecedented momentum' for hydrogen.

'Hydrogen technologies and systems' was selected as a key strategic value chain for EU industrial policy. This conference will help identify the areas that are ready to accelerate the EU-wide rollout of available technologies in all related sectors.

Activities cover all major areas of hydrogen technologies.

The hydrogen strategic value chain encompasses a significant number of different business sectors all linked together by the use of hydrogen as a zero-emission energy carrier.