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Study on the environmental performance of recreational marine engines

Study on the environmental performance of recreational marine engines
Published on: 10/01/2004
Author: European Commission
Article 2 of Directive 2003/44/EC specifies that by 31 December 2006 the Commission shall submit a report on the possibilities of further improving the environmental characteristics of engines and consider inter alia the need to revise the boat design categories.

If deemed appropriate, in the light of this report, the Commission shall by 31 December 2007 submit appropriate proposals to the European Parliament and the Council. The Commission shall in the light of the experience gained take account of:

(a) the need to further reduce emissions of air pollutants and noise in order to meet environment protection requirements;

(b) the possible benefits of a system for 'in-use compliance';

(c) the availability of cost efficient techniques for controlling emissions;

(d) the need to reduce evaporation and spill of fuel;

(e) the possibility to agree on international standards for exhaust and noise emissions;

(f) possible simplifications of the system for conformity assessment procedures.

The aim of the study contract is to make a complete and detailed inventory and comparative assessment of the current status of and of the existing and expected developments in technology and legislation worldwide concerning the environmental performance of recreational marine engines, taking into account the issues referred to in article 2 of Directive 2003/44/EC.