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Stakeholders' workshop on the 'Single Digital Gateway'

Stakeholders' workshop on the 'Single Digital Gateway'
Published on: 03/03/2016
National authorities from all EU countries and representatives of business associations will discuss the concept of the Single Digital Gateway at this workshop on 15 March 2016.
Event date: 15/03/2016

The Commission Communication, 'A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe' announced an action aimed at "extending and integrating European and national portals to work towards a Single Digital Gateway to create a user friendly information system for citizens and business."

This workshop is part of the consulation process and impact assessment planned for 2016 to help shape the Single Digital Gateway. The aim is to gather ideas and insights from participants. A Commission initiative is envisaged for 2017.

The key objective of the Single Digital Gateway is to develop a comprehensive and high quality information package that will include assistance provided, problem-solving services and electronic procedures for businesses that wish to develop cross-border activities throughout the Single Market.

The Single Digital Gateway will build on and improve existing tools and services such as the Points of Single Contact, Product Contact Points, Construction Contact Points, the Your Europe portal and SOLVIT, at both European and national level.