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Stakeholder survey on Impact Assessment Study on Unbundling of Chargers

Stakeholder survey on Impact Assessment Study on Unbundling of Chargers
Published on: 14/12/2020
The European Commission has commissioned Ipsos to carry out a study assessing the sale of mobile chargers without a charger. As part of this impact assessment study, we are launching a survey among stakeholders.

Objectives of the study

We aim to promote unbundling to reduce electronic waste and other negative environmental impacts generated by the high number of chargers produced, sold and discarded. The results of the study will inform decisions on a potential future Commission proposal concerning the 'Common Chargers' initiative.

Target group

Stakeholder and interested parties, in particular

  • private companies in relevant sectors (including manufacturers and distributors of mobile phones, other portable electronic devices, and chargers for these)
  • civil society (such as industry associations, consumer organisations, and environmental NGOs)
  • competent EU and national public authorities (ministries, standards organisations, market surveillance authorities, and notified bodies).

Survey period

Deadline: 22 January 2021

How to submit your contribution

Read more and submit your contribution on the EU Survey platform.

Data protection and privacy

Anonymity is guaranteed and any specific details gathered will only be used in an aggregated way.

All questionnaires will be processed under strict respect of the EU data protection rules. For more details, please consult the privacy policy.