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Signature of the Copernicus SatCen Delegation Agreement

Signature of the Copernicus SatCen Delegation Agreement
Published on: 06/10/2016
On 6 October, Mrs. Lowri Evans, Director General of DG GROW, on behalf of the European Commission, and Mr. Pascal Legai, Director of the European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen), on behalf of the SatCen, signed the Copernicus SatCenDelegation Agreement.


The agreement completes the operational architecture of the Copernicus Security Service and enables the deployment of its last component - the Support to EU External Action (SEA) service, with SatCen as Service operator.

The Copernicus Security Service will contribute to a number of crucial EU policies by improving crisis prevention, preparedness and response capacities, namely for enhanced border and maritime surveillance, and in support of the EU's external policies.

In particular, the Support to EU External Action (SEA) component will assist the EU in its operations outside EU territory, providing decision makers with geo-information on remote, difficult to access areas, where security issues are at stake. It mainly targets European users but it can also be activated by key International stakeholders, as appropriate under EU International cooperation agreements.

In implementing the service, SatCen will work in cooperation and build up synergies with the service operators for the two other components of the Copernicus Security Service, already put in place from the end of 2015. Frontex will act as service operator for border surveillance and the EMSA will implement the maritime surveillance component.