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Service Contract: Horizon 2020 - EGNOS service for payment/liability critical applications in the road sector

Service Contract: Horizon 2020 - EGNOS service for payment/liability critical applications in the road sector
Published on: 28/03/2019 Last update: 09/07/2019
Deadline: 15/05/2019
  • Number: 742/PP/GRO/RCH/19/11177

The main objective of this project is to develop an integrity concept for payment/liability critical applications in the road sector. When defining the service, the contractor must consider the extent to which the service requires evolutions of satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) infrastructure, user equipment, or the service provision scheme to provide the required integrity assurance. The On-Board Unit (OBU) must allow all the necessary features to trust the position information obtained from the satellites in situations where enforcement, payments and related claims are involved. Since the European global navigation satellite systems (EGNSS) sensor may just be a component among other sensors, the project must address what other technologies or components may be needed in addition to current signals, and how each element would contribute to the overall integrity assurance.

The contractor must carry out at least the following activities:

  • analyse the competitive landscape worldwide and its evolution until 2035
  • identify user needs, service performance and operational requirements. The contractor must specifically analyse the user need for integrity for critical applications supporting legal procedures or financial operations
  • identify the current legal requirements at European level and analyse possible future evolutions to define an integrity concept at user level for payment/liability critical applications, including the contribution of EGNOS to overall integrity, and define the requirements of the multi-sensor OBU
  • derive SBAS mission and operational requirements from user requirements.
  • perform technical analyses to validate the integrity concept at user level and the corresponding user requirements
  • analyse the potential service provision scheme, either via the EGNOS Service Provider (ESP) or via dedicated service providers, and determine the main service requirements
  • analyse the costs and benefits of the new service, focusing on the actions that need to be taken to influence the decision-making process of each stakeholder (i.e. device manufacturers, service providers, etc.)
  • perform a test campaign to validate the integrity concept proposed
  • define concrete implementation steps and a timeline for the operational introduction of the EGNOS service and its adoption by service providers and users

The project must focus on how a dedicated EGNOS service will be designed to fulfil user requirements for PAYD/PHYD applications. Requirements from other payment/liability critical applications can be considered if user requirements are similar and would also be met by the new EGNOS service.

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