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Service Contract: EGNOS Aviation Services Evolution

Service Contract: EGNOS Aviation Services Evolution
Published on: 03/10/2017 Last update: 06/10/2017
Deadline: 16/11/2017
The winner of this call for tender will carry out an analysis on the future of EGNOS.
  • Number: 631/PP/GRO/RCH/17/9876

The European Commission is in the process of defining a roadmap for the long-term evolution of EGNOS beyond the current EGNOS Service Releases of EGNOS V3. EGNOS services for aviation safety beyond 2025 could take any of the following three directions:

  1. Enlarge the provision of EGNOS services to CNS/ATM beyond navigation, notably to address surveillance (ADS-B) and possibly to support timing services for communications systems. This approach is aligned with the vision of integrated-CNS.
  2. Provide additional features to increase robustness against external threats/attacks to the EGNOS navigation service, whether intentional or unintentional. These could include adding authentication to GNSS signals or ad-hoc features at antenna and receiver level.
  3. Enhance the navigation, positioning and/or timing performance at user-level, for instance by reducing the vertical position accuracy and the time-to-alert to enable supporting Cat-II approach procedures.

The work carried out by the tender winner should analyse and define the reasoning behind each of the three possible directions beyond 2025, determine the constraints and pre-requisites, and assess the added value to end-users.

The analysis must examine each possibility separately. It should determine under which conditions it would be beneficial to implement these services.


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