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Seminar on electronic procurement

Seminar on electronic procurement
Published on: 14/12/2012
Event date: 14/12/2012
Organiser: DG MARKT
Seminar on electronic Procurement

An opportunity to provide feedback on Commission projects

The objectives of the Seminar were:

  • Present the non-legislative work carried out by DG MARKT in the area of e-procurement.
  • Discuss the results of this work with participants and receive their feedback.

The reports available below are advanced drafts, released for the purpose of discussion within the seminar. Please note that these deliverables might still be changed, also to reflect feedback from participants.


1. Welcome: EU Public Procurement reform and role of e-procurement

Erik Nooteboom, Director Public Procurement, DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission.

2. State of play of e-procurement in the EU

Presentation by Gabriella Cattaneo, Associate Vice President, IDC European Government Consulting


3. Case-book of good e-procurement practice in the EU (Golden Book)

Project description: The study is analysing in depth around 30 electronic platforms used for public procurement in the EU. The report, the "Golden book of e-procurement", presents good practices in the area of e-procurement but also practices that should be avoided. These practices are aimed at helping public administrations and software developers to improve their systems. Good and bad practices take into account, amongst other criteria, the needs of SMEs and cross-border suppliers when using an e-procurement platform. The "Golden book" report only endorses good practices; it does not rank or evaluate the e-Procurement platforms being used as a sample for this analysis.

Golden Book

Presentation by Kelly Liljemo, Principal Advisor, PWC


Panel session:

Moderator:Alain Deckers, Head of Unit, E-procurement and economic analysis of procurement markets, DG Internal Market and Services, European Commission.

Members of the panel:Martin Bergius and Dietlind Adam - Linde Health Care, Maurizio Rossetto - Enel, Elisabeth Grünmann

4. Reports of the Expert group on e-tendering (e-TEG)

Project description: The expert group presents recommendations targeted at contracting authorities, policy makers or software developers that aim at simplifying the way e-procurement is conducted, particularly for SMEs and cross-border suppliers.

Presentation by Kornelis Drijfhout, Business requirements manager, TenderNed


Panel session:

Moderator:Alain Deckers

Members of the panel:Marina Borodina- Estonian Environmental Board, Oriol Bausà- Invinet, Lise Dalsgaard Hansen – Udbudskompagniet

5. The e-procurement measurement project

Project description: The study designs a comparable set of indicators in order to monitor e-procurement take-up and performance in the EU and test them in a trial with a sample of e-procurement platforms.

Study on e-procurement measurement

Presentation by Gabriella Cattaneo, Associate Vice President, IDC European Government Consulting


Panel session:

Moderator: Alain Deckers

Members of the panel:Albert Mayol Borque – Everis, Gian Luigi Albano – Consip, Gilles Moutet - eGOV-Solutions

6. Presentation on CEN BII results

Presentation by Jostein Frømyr, CEN BII