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Second multi-stakeholder workshop on biosimilar medicinal products

Second multi-stakeholder workshop on biosimilar medicinal products
Published on: 05/09/2017
More than 100 participants shared their experiences with biological medicines, including biosimilars, at national level. They discussed the information and communication needs of patients and healthcare professionals.
Event date: 20/06/2016
Location: Brussels - Belgium

The second multi-stakeholder event on biosimilar medicinal products was held on 20 June 2016 in Brussels.

IMS Health presented the update report on the 'Impact of Biosimilar Competition', including 5 observations.

In the framework of this workshop, the European Commission decided to launch an update of the Q&A for patients with a particular focus on the direct involvement of patient representatives.

The Q&A document was first published in 2013 as part of the consensus information paper, 'What you need to know about biosimilar medicinal products'. The main objective of the revision was to address patients' priorities in terms of the need for information in language that is easy to understand, despite the complexity of the concept.


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