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Preparatory Action on Defence Research: 2017 research topics description

Preparatory Action on Defence Research: 2017 research topics description
Published on: 12/04/2017
The European Commission adopted the 2017 Financing Decision for the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) on 11 April. It includes descriptions of 3 topics for which calls for proposals will be launched in late May.

The main focus of the PADR 2017 is the first topic which calls for the launch of one complex project. The project aims to show the added value of unmanned systems in enhancing situational awareness while operating alongside and communicating with other manned and unmanned systems.

In the context of technology research, products related to force protection and soldier systems, there is a second topic.

This second topic focuses on:

  • future generic open soldier system reference architecture
  • technology advancements in tailor-made blast, ballistic and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protection of military personnel
  • novel developments in active and passive military camouflage methods.

Finally, the third topic will call for proposals to start the strategic technology foresight. It needs to propose and validate a methodology and/or process to gather data. These foresight activities will be carried out on a recurring basis.  They will be used to develop realistic scenarios of potential future conflicts which will help scoping EU-funded defence research.

The Preparatory Action on Defence Research is the first step towards a future European defence research programme. The budget for the PADR related actions in 2017 is €25 million. Its main implementation will be through grants. The call for proposals and the participation modalities will be published in late May.


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