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Preliminary market consultation on GOVSATCOM Hub

Preliminary market consultation on GOVSATCOM Hub
Published on: 20/05/2019 Last update: 20/05/2019
Deadline: 28/06/2019

The European Union Governmental Satellite Communications (EU GOVSATCOM) initiative aims to provide secure and guaranteed satellite communication capacity and services to EU governmental stakeholders (EU countries, EU Agencies and institutions) for various security, defence, humanitarian aid, emergency response, and diplomatic communications missions.

Satellite communications are a finite resource limited by satellite capacity, frequency and geographic coverage. To be cost-effective and to capitalise on economies of scale, GOVSATCOM must optimise service demand from authorised users with the supply provided by EU contracts for satellite capacities and services. As demand and potential supply change with time, this requires constant monitoring and flexibility to adjust GOVSATCOM services.

To optimise available satellite communication resources, to guarantee access in unpredictable situations, and to ensure operational efficiency and short turn-around times, the necessary ground infrastructure (GOVSATCOM Hub(s)) is required, in line with operational and security requirements. This provides the operational interface between GOVSATCOM users and providers of secured satellite communication capacity and services, and manages resource planning and security monitoring.

The Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs is looking for information from industry who could provide technical solutions for the GOVSATCOM Hub(s).

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The deadline for the submission of answers is 28 June 2019, 16:00 (Brussels time).