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Organise a stakeholder workshop as part of EU Industry Day

Organise a stakeholder workshop as part of EU Industry Day
Published on: 15/11/2017 Last update: 17/11/2017
Deadline: 10/12/2017
The European Commission is organising a second 'European Industry Day' on 22-23 February 2018. On the first day of the event we would like to organise some stakeholder workshops. Stakeholders from any sector of industry or the research and innovation community are now invited to submit their proposals for organising a workshop.

The submission period for expressions of interest is now open

Stakeholders from any sector of industry, or the research and innovation community are invited to submit their proposals for organising a workshop on 22 February in Brussels as part of 2018 EU Industry Day. This first day of the event will be opened by Vice-President Katainen of the Commission. It will feature a high-level round table, as well as the stakeholder workshops. 

Why should you apply?

Stakeholder workshops are an excellent opportunity to bring together key players to discuss topics that are relevant to your industry and engage with a diverse audience representing a variety of industrial sectors from all over Europe. The high interest in EU Industry Day and various communication activities will give you visibility and impact.

Thematic areas selected for 2018

  • Industry and territory
  • Industry and people
  • Industry and technologies


Each selected stakeholder workshop organiser will be allocated a 90-minute slot for their session. All organisers are free to structure the workshop in their preferred format.

How will proposals be selected?

The Commission will select a maximum of 15 stakeholder workshops, across the 3 thematic areas. The selection of the workshops will be done by an ad-hoc selection committee within the Commission and will be based on:

  • attractiveness and European relevance of the topic to be addressed in the workshop
  • quality and gender balance of speakers
  • geographical and institutional balance of the workshop organisers

Workshops will be selected to ensure a dynamic mix of topics, expert and policy input, round-table discussions and sectoral perspectives.

The Commission has sole and absolute discretion to select the workshops based on the criteria mentioned above. No individual feedback will be provided to the unsuccessful candidates but they will be informed by email that their applications have not been retained.

Taking into account the high level of interest in stakeholder workshops, in case the proposal was not selected the Commission may offer the organisers the possibility to organise the workshop as a local event during European Industry Week.

How does the Commission support selected stakeholder workshops?

The Commission will support the stakeholder workshops by offering their organisers

  • A slot on the programme of 2018 EU Industry Day
  • A room in the EU Industry Day venue for up to 100 participants
  • Access to the conference catering services
  • Promotion of the workshop through the event's promotion channels
  • Promotion of the workshop results: stakeholder workshop organisers will submit short summaries of their workshop to the Commission. The Commission will reserve the right to edit the summaries and use them in its future communication materials about EU Industry Day
  • To keep participation as inclusive as possible, the Commission may be able to reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for a maximum of 2 selected speakers per workshop. The organisers of the selected workshops will receive information concerning the possible reimbursement of such expenses after the closing of the selection procedure.

How to apply

Fill-in the questionnaire and submit it by midday on 10 December 2017 (Brussels time). The Commission will inform applicants of the results of the selection process by 22 December 2017.


The Commission organised the first European Industry Day on 28 February 2017, to present its initiatives to stakeholders in the area of industrial policy and to launch a debate on a future EU agenda on industrial modernisation. The event attracted a lot of interest and gathered around 600 participants from across the EU and from a large variety of industrial sectors, the research and innovation community, and civil society. It set the scene for a successful dialogue and cooperation with public authorities, businesses and trade unions on a joint vision of the European industry of the future. The interest in the conference clearly proved the demand for a regular dialogue on industrial policy across a broad range of issues.

Following the success of the first EU Industry Day, and in light of the Communication, 'A Renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy' of 14 September 2017, the Commission wants to continue this dialogue with the second EU Industry Day. 


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