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Organise a local event as part of 'EU Industry Week 2019'

Organise a local event as part of 'EU Industry Week 2019'
Published on: 19/07/2018 Last update: 03/08/2018
Deadline: 30/09/2018
The European Commission will organise 'EU Industry Days' for the third time on 5-6 February 2019 in Brussels. To accompany the event, local events will take place across Europe throughout January, February and March 2019 under the 'EU Industry Week' brand.

Submissions of expressions of interest are open

Stakeholders from any sector of industry or the research and innovation community are invited to submit their proposals to organise a local event as part of EU Industry Week 2019.

Why should you apply?

Organising an event as part of EU Industry Week is an excellent opportunity to bring visibility to your event. It allows you to contribute to the reflection sparked by EU Industry Days and to inform its proceedings. Local events will be labelled as 'EU Industry Week' events and will be listed on the event website.

Thematic areas selected for 2019

  • industry and sustainability
  • industry and globalisation
  • innovation and digitalisation


Organisers are free to structure local events in their preferred format, duration and venue.

How will proposals be selected?

Proposals for local events will be chosen by an ad-hoc selection committee within the Commission. Selection is based on  the relevance to the outlined thematic areas. Furthermore, the following criteria will be considered:

  • appropriate gender balance of speakers
  • variety of stakeholders involved
  • interactivity (as far as the venue or setting permits)

The Commission will select the local events so as to have a dynamic mix of topics, expert and policy input, and sectoral perspectives.

The Commission has sole and absolute discretion to select the local events based on the criteria mentioned above. No individual feedback will be provided to unsuccessful candidates, but they will be informed by email that their applications have not been retained. 

How will the Commission support selected local events?

  • exposure on the EU Industry Days 2019 website
  • promotion of the event through the EU Industry Days promotion channels
  • promotion of event results: organisers can submit short proceedings of their event to the Commission. We reserve the right to edit the proceedings and use them in future communication materials about EU Industry Days

How to apply

Fill in this survey and submit it by 30 September 2018 at 23:59 (Brussels time). We will inform applicants of the results of the selection process by 15 October 2018.


In September 2017, the Communication on a renewed EU industrial policy strategy established EU Industry Day as an annual event ahead of the spring European Council to ensure that our policies deliver jobs, growth and innovation in Europe. The second EU Industry Day took place in 2018 and it gathered even greater interest than the first, with 1,000 participants from across the EU, from a large variety of industrial sectors and civil society taking part. The first EU Industry Week that took place around the same time saw over 50 events organised by different stakeholders across Europe.

To continue this dialogue, the Commission is organising the third EU Industry Days and the second EU Industry Week in 2019. 


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