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Kick-off of the independent Inquiry Board on Galileo

Kick-off of the independent Inquiry Board on Galileo
Published on: 06/09/2019

Further to the Galileo technical incident in July 2019, the European Commission set up an independent Inquiry Board to investigate the incident and provide recommendations for the future.

The Board is composed of members from Member States with significant experience from the users’ perspective in complex operational transport and defence projects.

Carmen Librero Pintado, Chair of INECO, former Secretary of State for Public Works and Transport (Spain), has been elected as chair of the Board.

The other members of the Inquiry Board are:

  • Maurice Georges (France) - Director of Air Navigation Services, French Civil Aviation Authority
  • Wolfgang Paulowicz (Germany) - Senior Advisor German Federal Office for Information Security
  • Captain Lorenzo Agnarelli (Italy) - Director of the Joint Centre for Satellite Remote Sensing, Ministry of Defence

Preliminary recommendations of the Inquiry Board are expected in October, with the final recommendations by the end of 2019.