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International Postal Services, Remuneration and Regulation

International Postal Services, Remuneration and Regulation
Published on: 19/02/2019 Last update: 19/02/2019
Deadline: 08/04/2019
The purpose of the study is to analyse the impacts of the growth of global e-commerce for postal service, the impacts of the current system of Universal Postal Union (UPU) remuneration, especially for e-commerce items on the market for postal services, and the impacts of possible changes to the international product mix, as introduced by UPU.

In light of the changes in the international market for postal services this study has 2 main objectives: 

  • Informing the development of a European position ahead of the 2020 Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress by mapping the situation in the EU. Specifically, concerning the provision of international postal services as well as the remuneration of EU postal operators in the framework of the UPU as well as examining the potential impact of various options for a future system for the remuneration of international postal items.
  • Providing information and evidence for the evaluation of the Postal Services Directive and the next Report on the Application of the Postal Services Directive.   

All EU and EEA countries plus Switzerland should be covered. Given the international dimension of the study, examples should also be drawn from third counties at various stages of economic development.

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