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Hydrogen for climate action

Hydrogen for climate action
Published on: 14/08/2019
The Commission will help kick-start the EU industry to achieve the EU climate goals. On 9 October 2019, a conference will take place in Brussels to unite businesses and national and regional policymakers to launch a climate policy breakthrough.
Event date: 09/10/2019
Location: Charlemagne building, Gasperi Room











Hydrogen is an environment and climate-friendly (zero-emission) energy carrier. Produced from renewable energy sources (RES), e.g. sun and wind energy, it has the potential to replace fossil-based energy.

Hydrogen technology has a huge potential for the decarbonisation of the industry, transport and energy sectors. It allows completely emission-free production, storage and utilisation of energy. This technology has tremendous value in achieving the global environment and climate objectives. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published a report naming hydrogen a large-scale decarbonisation enabler. It claims that we should tap into this technology now, describing 2019 as a year of 'unprecedented momentum' for hydrogen.

'Hydrogen technologies and systems' was selected as a key strategic value chain for EU industrial policy. This conference will help identify the areas that are ready to accelerate the EU-wide rollout of available technologies in all related sectors.

The event will

  • provide an overview of existing initiatives
  • describe activities in various European regions
  • present significant projects of common European interest currently being developed
  • create a launchpad platform to integrate further similar initiatives all over Europe

Activities cover all major areas of hydrogen technologies


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