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How to identify complex substances in REACH - Commission workshop

How to identify complex substances in REACH - Commission workshop
Published on: 23/03/2015
This workshop organised by the Commission (Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) addressed the challenges faced by companies, when identifying substances for REACH registration purposes. It also focused on promoting a common understanding of the term 'sameness of substances'.
Event date: 27/04/2015 to 28/04/2015
Location: Borschette Conference Centre, Room 0A
Organiser: European Commission

Substance identity of UVCBs and other complex substances in REACH

The Workshop brought together interested parties to share their experiences and to discuss best practices. The preliminary results of a study on substance identity were also discussed with the Consultant who conducted it.

The main objectives of the workshop were to:

  • determine the main challenges in identifying substances
  • discuss best practices in identifying  complex substances
  • present interim results of an in-depth study on substance identity in REACH registration dossiers

Ensuring substances are properly identified is a key task in the REACH registration process. The Commission Review of REACH published in February 2013, points out that the definition of 'substance identity' and the determination of 'sameness of substances' are some of the most challenging aspects of REACH. A number of registration dossiers have been found to be non-compliant due to substance identity issues.

In particular, there are challenges regarding clear identification of 'Substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials' (UVCB). To provide more clarity on the issue, the European Commission launched a study to analyse these difficulties and to identify good practices, as well as areas of concern, which require further attention.


Recordings of the live web streaming:

Presentation slides

Background and aims of the REACH SIDC project - Miguel A. Aguado-Monsonet – European Commission, DG GROW

Approaches and common issues in identification of complex substances – findings and observations from the REACH SIDC project - Tomáš Novotný – REACH SIDC project team

Experience of ECHA in substance identity and sameness - Steven Buchanan – ECHA

Substance identity and sameness of Coal Combustion Products - Magdalena Kornacka – REACH specialist

Substance identity and sameness of Resins and Rosins - Mike Penman – H4R Consortium

Substance identity and sameness of Oleochemicals - Martina Mennicken-Meuthen – APAG

Introduction to the break-out groups discussion - Jan Mervart – REACH SIDC project team

Summary of break-out groups discussions