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High-Level Conference on Defence and Security Industries and Markets

High-Level Conference on Defence and Security Industries and Markets
Published on: 23/03/2011
Event date: 23/05/2011
Location: Brussels, European Parliament
Organiser: European Commission

On 23 May 2011, the European Commission held a high-level conference on Defence and Security Industries and Markets.

This event was organised in the context of the transposition of the two Defence related Directives (2009/43/EC on transfers and 2009/81/EC on procurement) and provided the opportunity to discuss the current state and future perspectives of the sector which is of strategic importance for Europe.

Some of the key questions were:

  • What results can we expect from the two Defence Directives?
  • What remains to be done to accomplish a European Defence and Security Market?
  • How to consolidate the demand side of the market?
  • What is the expected impact of budget reductions and increased bilateral cooperation on the industrial landscape?
  • How to maintain capable armed forces and competitive industries in times of severe budget cuts?

The Conference brought together a number of high level speakers and representatives of the defence and security community, both public and private (ministries, armed forces, European institutions, national parliaments and industries).