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From garage start-up to competitive metalwork manufacturer

From garage start-up to competitive metalwork manufacturer
Published on: 03/05/2018

Kapso MetalworkingLocation:  Čierny Balog, Brezno district, Slovakia
Financial Intermediary:  ČSOB

SME:  Kapso Metalworking (Kapso Kovovýroba)
Sector: Metalworking

Number of employees: 4 part-time
Job creation: 2 part-time

Financing purpose: moving to new facilities
EIF financing: COSME LGF, EFSI

A good idea and professional skills are the key factors in building any business. However, without a strong financial background, an idea often fails to materialise. After graduating from vocational school, Ján Kováčik took over the family business from his father and initially continued to run the company from the family home. He transformed the garage into a workshop, hired qualified locksmiths and, with growing interest from customers, gradually expanded the company portfolio. Ultimately, the need for larger premises forced him to address two issues: finding suitable premises and access to financing to pay for them.

To support his business plan, Ján turned to ČSOB. “Thanks to long-term cooperation, positive experience and the personal approach, ČSOB was the only bank I considered,” he explains. Ján particularly appreciated the availability and the terms and conditions of the loan that he received.

With the business loan from ČSOB, guaranteed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) under the EU’s Investment Plan for Europe, Ján Kováčik could afford to buy property inside the former factory site of a bridge building company. He invested some of the funds in expanding his activities to include the sale of grates, perforated sheets and related products. As a result, the competitiveness of his company significantly improved, allowing Kapso Metalworking to build a reputation of being a trustworthy company that upholds agreements and deadlines while maintaining high-quality output.

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