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Fourth stakeholder conference on biosimilar medicines

Fourth stakeholder conference on biosimilar medicines
Published on: 03/09/2018
The European Commission and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)organised another multi-stakeholder event on biosimilar medicinal products to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in biosimilars' use and uptake.
Event date: 14/09/2018
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Participants included representatives of public authorities, patients' organisations, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies. They shared their best practices and clinical experiences with biological medicines, including biosimilars. Topics will included policy choices on the uptake of biosimilars in oncology, sustainable procurement practices, and how to improve the understanding of biosimilars.

IQVIA (formerly IMS Health & Quintilles) presented the updated 2018 report on the impact of biosimilar competition in the EU. 

The 'information guide for healthcare professionals' was already available in English has now been published in more EU languages (German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese and Italian). 75% of the EU population can now access realistic and unbiased information in their own language. The EMA prepared the guide with the Commission and scientific experts from the EU countries. It gives EU healthcare professionals reference information about the science and regulation related biosimilar use.

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