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First wave of cities chosen for the European Commission’s Digital Cities Challenge

First wave of cities chosen for the European Commission’s Digital Cities Challenge
Published on: 15/01/2018
The first cities to take part in this new initiative to stimulate economic growth and social welfare through digital transformation have been selected.

The Digital Cities Challenge selects 15 cities with the will to change and unlock unreleased potential, to receive free, high-quality policy advice, coaching and facilitation, from high-level experts with local and international experience.

These are cities aspiring to become better places to live by putting advanced technologies at the service of their citizens.

After a high response rate to the first round of applications, the first cohort of 8 cities have been selected: Patras (Greece), Granada (Spain), L’Aquila (Italy), Ventspils (Latvia), Algeciras (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece), Iasi (Romania) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Many other cities submitted high quality applications, demonstrated strong commitment to the initiative, and displayed an already well-advanced level of digital maturity. These cities will also be offered the chance to participate in the programme as 'fellow cities' using their own resources. They will have the opportunity to learn from the other cities and replicate their success stories.

These fellow cities will receive support to engage in digital transformation, including access to all methodological and self-assessment tools, guidelines, 'City Academies' and peer learning. Several cities have already expressed a strong interest to join as fellow cities and mentors.

The second wave of applications is open until 25 January 2018. A second cohort of 7 more cities will be selected to join the Digital Cities Challenge programme.

Find out more about the selected cities and their digital ambitions, or how you can still participate in the Digital Cities Challenge.