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European Tourism Convention

European Tourism Convention
Published on: 18/09/2020
The European Tourism Convention, held on 12 October 2020, launched dialogue on sustainable recovery and the strategic orientations for the tourism of tomorrow.
Event date: 12/10/2020
Location: This event was held online.

The discussion focused on three main themes

  • resilience
  • sustainability/green transition
  • digital transition, data and innovation

The convention took the first steps towards a comprehensive European policy framework for tourism based on shared priorities. Which can support and facilitate cooperation among EU countries as well as mobilise the industry around the agreed priorities. Deliverables include a list of action points and commitments to future cooperation in this area, guiding the journey towards a European Agenda for Tourism 2050.

The event will consist of two distinct sessions

More than 800 stakeholders participated in and followed the event online. The event gathered about 800 viewers, including representatives of EU institutions, high-level representatives of EU national and regional public authorities, representatives of European sectorial associations and the tourism and travel industry, international organisations, academics and, NGOs and many other relevant stakeholders.

Key documents, reports and outcomes

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