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European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) - selection 2014

European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) - selection 2014
Published on: 29/04/2014 Last update: 17/05/2018
Deadline: 14/05/2014
The objective of the present call is to support eligible countries’ National Administrations in charge of tourism for the purpose of the selection of EDEN destinations of excellence.

The theme of excellence for 2014 is “Tourism and local gastronomy”.

Restricted eligibility of applicants

Applicants must correspond to the definition of the following target organisations: National Administration in charge of tourism in the EU Member States and Countries participating in the COSME programme under Article 6 of the COSME Regulation.

If the responsibility for the tourism sector is decentralised, then the proposal may be submitted by the competent regional administration. National Tourist Offices or other public bodies in charge of tourism can submit an application, provided that the competent National Administration gives its consent in writing.

For full details, please consult the link to the call available below.