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European Conference ‘Co-operative contributions to the EU 2020 strategy’ (Follow-up)

European Conference ‘Co-operative contributions to the EU 2020 strategy’ (Follow-up)
Published on: 13/04/2012
On 23/04/2012 DG Enterprise and Industry organised with the Association „Cooperatives Europe”, a large conference on ‘Co-operative contributions to the EU 2020 strategy’ with more than 200 participants.
Event date: 23/04/2012
Location: Building Charlemagne, Room Gasperi
Organiser: European Commission (DG Enterprise & Industry) & Cooperatives Europe

The objective was to celebrate the 2012 UN International Year of Co-operatives, and to highlight the strengths of the cooperative business model as an alternative means of doing business for a sustainable socio-economic development.

One of the questions discussed was the need for simplification of the European Cooperative Society SCE Regulation.

On this issue  the Commission presented a list of three main categories of provisions that may be revisited and amended if appropriate (See the document "List of articles SCE" in the documents list below).

Consequently, all interested parties are invited to send their opinions and comments on the list of articles by 29 June 2012 to:

In its Report on the implementation of Regulation 1435/2003 on the European Cooperative Society (SCE), the Commission states that :

  • the SCE statute is considered relatively unsuccessful by the stakeholders. 24 SCEs were registered up to November 2011.
  • complexity of the text with a lot of references to national laws is considered to be the main obstacle for the creation of SCEs.
  • the most important benefit of setting up an SCE is having a European image.