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EU industrial structure report

EU industrial structure report
Published on: 30/07/2015
The EU industrial structure report is a biennial publication that analyses competitiveness at sectorial level. It is written by experts at the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. The publication is useful for anyone interested in the structure and performance of EU industries.


  • to analyse the medium-term trends and performance of EU industrial sectors
  • to assess the EU's position in global value chains
  • to examine the impact of the economic crisis on EU industry

It analyses the performance of EU industrial and service sectors in terms of:

  • productivity and its underlying drivers
  • changes to industrial and export specialisation
  • comparative advantages at EU and national level
  • the position of the EU in increasingly global value chains.

2015 report: EU structural change


Chapter 1: Changes in the EU's productive structure

  • Patterns of growth in output, employment, investment at sectoral level for the EU-28 and the individual EU countries
  • Changes in the structure of employment and output, with possible explanations

Chapter 2: Productivity and growth

  • Analysis of productivity in the EU, both at the sectoral level and in comparison to competitors, highlighting ongoing structural changes affecting the economic landscape
  • Assessment of EU industrial competitiveness with regards to the main factors of production: labour, energy, human capital, and technology

Chapter 3: EU external competitiveness

  • An analysis of the EU's external competitiveness in goods and services
  • Global supply chains linkages at sector level
  • Foreign direct investment and relocation of business functions


Full report: EU Structural Change


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