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EPAA Annual conference - 2012

EPAA Annual conference - 2012
Published on: 15/09/2015
EPAA Annual Conference 2012 - Global Cooperation on alternatives (3Rs) to animal testing - Brussels, 16 November 2012
Event date: 16/11/2012









EPAA partners are committed to pooling knowledge, research and resources to accelerate the development, validation and acceptance of 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) alternative approaches at an international scale.

Being aware of the fact that alternatives to animal testing can only turn into a real success if implemented globally, it has been decided that the lead theme of the 2012 EPAA activities – and, consequently, also the focus of the 2012 Annual Conference – is the "Development and Implementation of 3R methodologies through International Cooperation".

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Session 1: Setting the scene & political perspectives

Session 2: International cooperation on 3Rs in the pharmaceutical sector

Session 3: International cooperation on 3Rs in the cosmetics sector

Session 4: An example of cross-sector dialogue at a global scale : the case of skin sensitization

Session 5: Round table with regulators

  • There were no presentations shown for this session.

Session 6: EPAA 3Rs awards session

Session 7: Conclusions