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eInvoicing: New electronic invoicing standard facilitates public procurement contracts in Europe

eInvoicing: New electronic invoicing standard facilitates public procurement contracts in Europe
Published on: 17/04/2019
By tomorrow, public authorities engaging in public procurement in the EU should comply with the European standard on eInvoicing and be able to receive and process electronic invoices accordingly. The new standard will help to ensure the timely and automatic processing of companies' eInvoices and payments, make it easier for companies to manage their contracts in any EU country and raise the attractiveness of public procurement businesses.

Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, said: “eInvoicing promotes the digital transformation of public administrations in Europe and of the broader European economy. The new eInvoicing standard supports financial transparency, helps reduce costs and improves efficiency in public procurement transactions. The Commission is supporting the implementation of eInvoicing at national level, so all business across Europe, especially SMEs, can benefit from it." 

Based on the Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement, the eInvoicing standard is part of the Digital Single Market Strategy and aims to unlock online opportunities in public procurement. The Commission estimates that in the period 2015-2017 alone, the use of eInvoicing by EU businesses resulted in €920 million savings. To help EU countries with the implementation of the new standard, the Commission invested over €35 million in grant funding to support the uptake of innovative eInvoicing solutions, such as end-to-end automation, robotics and the use of AI, including through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eInvoicing Building Block. The standard will first apply to public administrations at national level, while regional and local authorities have an additional year to do so. The Commission stands ready to continue to help EU countries in this process.

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