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Economic Impacts of the Construction Products Regulation

Economic Impacts of the Construction Products Regulation
Published on: 20/01/2017
The European Commission has published the final report of a study assessing the costs and benefits of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The study expands on the 2015 study and the 2016 report on the implementation of the CPR and the 'Fitness check on the construction sector' to assess the economic impacts for different stakeholder groups.

The final report of the study outlines the findings both in terms of a quantitative evaluation of costs incurred and a qualitative assessment of benefits of the CPR along the construction products value chain in the short to long term.

As announced in the Energy Package of November 2016, a revision of the CPR is being considered for 2018. The findings of this, and other studies – as well as the ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in dedicated technical platforms and at a public hearing at the European Parliament at the end of January 2017 – will be used to complement an evaluation/impact exercise of such a revision.