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Dual use technology in the EU – SME success stories on EU funding

Dual use technology in the EU – SME success stories on EU funding
Published on: 19/09/2017
Author: European Commission
Several SMEs have successfully taken advantage of EU funding to develop dual-use projects. Their businesses are in the limelight of the new brochure the Commission just released.

The publication ‘Dual use technology in the EU’ is available in 7 languages to help SMEs understand how the different EU funding tools work.

The main 3 EU funding instruments are showcased:

  • ESIF for technology transfers, prototyping, innovation uptake, etc. – i.e. many of the steps that help a business diversify or migrate from one sector to another
  • Horizon 2020 for funding the civil application of projects with dual-use potential
  • COSME for cooperation between clusters and for companies to build partnerships

Event organisers in defence/dual use fields may request free hard copies in any of the language versions (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish). Please send an e-mail to with the desired number of copies, the language version, date and title of the event and the delivery address. Free hard copies are subject to availability. Digital copies can be accessed below.