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Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017

Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017
Published on: 01/02/2017
European companies are increasingly adopting digital technologies, but there are still big disparities between EU countries with regard to digital transformation performance.


The vast majority of European companies have adopted a 1st wave of digital technologies, and 64% of companies investing in digital technologies have generated positive outcomes.

But the new wave of technology adoption is more challenging and there are still high disparities between EU countries where digital transformation performance is concerned. 

These are compelling results presented in the Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017.

This survey-based monitoring report by the European Commission was released today at the first Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum in Essen, Germany.

European firms seem to have understood that unlimited opportunities await businesses that can transform themselves ahead of the digital curve. Digital technologies are increasingly seen as an opportunity to innovate, grow and thrive to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The aim of the Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017 is to provide evidence on the extent of digital transformation in Europe. This will help policy makers at EU and national level to create policies supporting EU companies in digital transformation processes. It will enable companies to understand why digital technologies are important and how they can create or reinforce their own digital strategy.

The country profiles in the Scoreboard present a 'snapshot' of the digital transformation performance of an EU country at a specific time and serve as a basis for the European Member States to measure progress, account for results and identify areas for improvement in their efforts towards the digital transformation of their industries and enterprises.

The Digital Transformation Scoreboard is part of the new Digital Transformation Monitor (DTM) framework which aims to contribute to the knowledge base on the state of play and evolution of digital transformation in Europe. The DTM offers a unique insight into statistics and initiatives to support digital transformation, as well as reports on key industrial and technological opportunities, challenges and policy initiatives related to digital transformation.

Full Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2017 report