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Copernicus Sentinel-1B successfully launched

Copernicus Sentinel-1B successfully launched
Published on: 21/04/2016
The fourth Copernicus sentinel satellite, Sentinel-1B, was successfully launched from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana yesterday at 23:02 Brussels time (21:02 GMT). The 2.3 tonne unit lifted off on a Soyuz rocket that delivered the European Union satellite into orbit at a height of 693km.

Sentinel-1B is now orbiting around the Earth, with a 180° orbital phasing difference with its twin brother, Sentinel-1A, which was launched 2 years ago.

The Sentinel-1 mission, designed as a constellation of two satellites, is finally complete. It will now provide double the amount of data than before, offering radar views every 6 days, night and day, for all weather. This will reduce by half the revisit time of every point on the Earth.

This mission provides key data to the European Union Copernicus Programme and benefits numerous services, for example, those relating to the monitoring of Arctic sea-ice extent, routine sea-ice mapping, surveillance of the marine environment, monitoring land-surface for motion risks, enabling forest, water and soil management, and mapping to support humanitarian aid and crisis situations.

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